Film Genre Meme: thriller (2/5)

My name is Vincent! Vincent Anton Freeman. And I’m a “faith birth” or a “de-gene-erate”, or whatever you want to call it; but I am not a murderer.

Gattaca (1997)

"The sky ain’t falling just yet."

Arya Stark Week: Day 1 - Favorite Quote

They say the pack is led by a monstrous she-wolf, a stalking shadow grim and grey and huge. They will tell you that she has been known to bring aurochs down all by herself, that no trap nor snare can hold her, that she fears neither steel nor fire, slays any wolf that tries to mount her, and devours no other flesh but man. 

Since the episode with Jack and his sister he’s been running away and is on his own,so he’s only got himself to look out for. And returning to Scotland (which is where he’s at when we first meet him) is sort of the beginning of him coming back to have this responsibility - he gets married to this alien creature (I mean alien as in a beautiful thing) and he has to learn to care for her and then for a family, for the house and for the estate. Its a great journey to go on. - Sam Heughan

Outlander: [1x06] “The Garrison Commander”
 Jamie Fraser

I love his relationship with Claire, I think it’s nice to see something that’s complicated. He’s quite honourable and true to his word, which I think in this period is quite admirable.

The bank is now o p e n

A long time ago, she remembered her father saying that when the cold wind blows the lone wolf dies but the pack survives. He had it all backwards. Arya, the lone wolf, still lived, but the wolves of the pack had been taken and slain and skinned. - Arya Stark